Domaine des Chais
Saintes-Thénac, Charente-Maritime
Music hall cabaret
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Domaine des Chais
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213 reviews
L’hôtel à rénover, restauration moyenne
Très bon accueil. J’avais mis un mot pour indiquer que j’arriverais tard. La propriétaire m’a [...]
Belle chambre Bon accueil Petit déjeuner et restauration correct
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Cabaret Le Chai Royal Saintes / Thénac A cabaret with a close-knit crew in keeping with the Big ONE Variety Show Parisian Cabarets… Phoenix 2022/2023

Enjoy an evening from €30

Treat yourself to an afternoon or an evening at the Chai Royal Cabaret with the music hall show worthy of a Parisian performance. We have our own company of all-professional performers in keeping with top quality Big ONE Variety Show Parisian Cabarets. From 1 January to 31 December, you can be certain to enjoy the same show quality.

Our prices:     
      Show admittance €30 incl. VAT per person excluding drinks 

Starter + menu (Odyssey) and show €55 incl. VAT per person excluding drinks 

Shrimp and avocado cocktail
The foie gras is momentarily unavailable. Due to Bird flu. we have decided to replace it
Low temperature and slow-cooked roast loin of pork
Chai dessert  

Starter + menu (Royal)  and show €75 incl. VAT per person excluding drinks
Alone together with friends in our VIP space 

Gravlax with sweet and sour sauce with lemon and orange shavings
Grilled veal mignon with baby vegetables 
Trilogy of farm cheeses
Royal dessert
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213 reviews